D'eirigh liomsa agus mo dheirfúr sa scrúdú tiomána ar ár gcéad iarracht mar gheall ar Jimmy. Níl tada ach moladh ag dul dhó, go háirithe ó tharla go raibh an-chraic againn agus mé i mbun foghlama. Bhí sé tuiscineach agus cabhrach i gcónaí agus thug sé an-treoir dom maidir leis an scrúdú. Más féidir liom, is féidir leat mar gheall ar Jimmy! If I can, you can because of Jimmy!

Colm Seoighe | 22 Jun 2024
I passed my test on my first effort and had an outstanding test, I owe nearly all of this to Jimmy. Jimmy's expertise and mentoring were crucial in helping me earn my driving license, one of my proudest achievements. His professionalism, deep knowledge, and ability to simplify complex manoeuvres made learning enjoyable. Jimmy's patience, encouragement, and positivity created a supportive environment, keeping me focused and being the best craic during lesson time. His dedication extends beyond lessons, offering advice and encouragement outside the lessons. Jimmy is second to none, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a top-notch driving instructor. Thank you, Jimmy, for everything a chara, an outstanding driving instructor and a credit to the profession. If you want to learn to be the best driver you can be, Jimmy is your man!

PJ Dundass | 16 Jun 2023
Where to even begin. I cannot recommend jimmy enough! I just passed my test today and I couldn’t have done it without him. He was patient, kind and most importantly great craic! I had never had lessons before him and if you’re a very first time driver, I would undoubtedly recommend him. He puts you at ease, even if you make a mistake he doesn’t give out or put pressure on you. He’s brilliant at giving you confidence and allows you to find your own style of driving without being micromanaged. He not only prepares you for the test but he also prepares you for driving after the test in real world scenarios, which is super important since a test is one thing but once you pass you’re on your own. I have done lessons with jimmy for almost a year, and today all the hard work paid off. He really is just a lovely guy and goes above and beyond for his students. I have nothing but good things to say about him. Thank you Jimmy ❤️

Christine gaynor | 13 Jun 2024
I couldn’t recommend Jimmy enough. He is so patient and puts you at ease when driving. I passed my test first time with thanks to Jimmy. He gives you all the tips you need and makes everything seem doable and makes the whole process very manageable. He was always at the other end of the phone if I ever had a query about something in between classes.

Sinéad | 29 May 2024
I would recommend Jimmy as a driving instructor to anyone. He's a great teacher and remained calm and patient throughout all of my lessons with him. I had failed the driving test before I had lessons with Jimmy and I was very nervous about failing again but Jimmy helped me regain my confidence in my driving ability. He focused on the importance of unlearning the bad driving habits I'd picked up. It's thanks to Jimmy's calm instruction that I passed my driving test recently, at last!

Róisín | 18 May 2024
Jimmy was a great driving instructor. He was very helpful and calm during lessons and made you feel comfortable. I was quite nervous starting out driving and he helped me build confidence on the road. Couldn’t recommend him more!

Oksana Kinowska | 21 Mar 2024
Jimmy is a great instructor, always encouraging while also correcting mistakes. I was always at ease during lessons and it was always at my own pace. Would certainly recommend lessons with Jimmy!

Maitilde | 25 Jan 2024
Having Jimmy as my driving instructor was the best decision I could have made. He is very kind, patient and an excellent instructor. I was a nervous driver starting off but he made me believe in myself and build my confidence while driving. All of his guidance helped me pass my test first time. I would highly recommend Jimmy for your lessons - you won’t regret it!!!

Kellieanne McKeon | 13 Oct 2023
Jimmy was a great driving instructor. He was always kind when you made mistakes and was a pleasure to drive with.

Oisín Mc Hugh | 04 Oct 2023
Jimmy was an amazing instructor, helped me pass first time. He always put me at ease and made the lessons fun. I would recommend him to anyone, thanks again!

Alannah | 27 Sep 2023
Jimmy was an absolute pleasure to do the lessons with. Was super patient and helped in every way he could. Great teacher and helped me pass the test first time. Could not recommend him enough!

Seán Croke | 17 Sep 2023
Jimmy made me feel so comfortable and confident while driving. He was always available to answer any questions over text.

Lily | 29 Sep 2023
Jimmy is an amazing driving instructor, he knows exactly how to teach the individual and will adapt if your learning style is different than others. He's a great instructor and I cannot recommend him more! I passes my test first time with his help and was confident going into it that I knew what I was doing.

Aisling Travers | 25 Jul 2023
Couldn’t recommend Jimmy more, if you’re an anxious driver he is the perfect instructor to go with. I passed first time thanks to him. Every lesson was a laugh and I was instantly at ease when I met him - I can assure you you will be too! I’ll miss him now that the lessons are over!! He really is the best at what he does

Sarah Murphy | 17 Jul 2023
I couldn’t recommend Jimmy more!! After not being able to find a test date for clifden, I decided to go for westside and found Jimmy. This was one of the best decisions ever as I passed my driving test due to his advice - which saved me during my test! He is very positive which helped my confidence a lot which was crucial for the test. He is simply the best driving instructor!

Eabha | 13 Jul 2023
Jimmy is the most patient and passionate driving instructor really worked with me, it never felt like I was just in the car to get them done, he helped every time and was never too pushy if I was uncomfortable, I could not recommend Jimmy enough, I've already told everyone I know who is learning to go with him. Thanks again Jimmy!

Zachary Cork | 13 Jun 2023
Thanks so much to no.1 school of motoring. I enjoyed every lesson. Professional and fun. I passed my test first go and felt very confident! All thanks to jimmy. Highly recommend.

Leigha irvine | 12 Jun 2023
Jimmy was an exceptional teacher! He was extremely helpful in all my lessons and preparing me for the test! He was also very accommodating to my schedule and got my through the EDT in record time! Have already given out his name to a couple people and truly could not recommend him more!

Catherine Johnson | 30 May 2023
I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Jimmy, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. In just 12 lessons, Jimmy provided guidance that enabled me to pass my driving test on the very first try. Cant recommend him enough!

Niamh | 28 May 2023
Jimmy is an great driving instructor, very calm and encouraging. He puts you completely at ease when driving and keeps the lessons very enjoyable!

Mary B | 30 Mar 2023
Jimmy is calm, easy going, and an excellent driving instructor. His teaching style is like no other, you'll never feel stressed in the car with him and will always have a laugh. I will be recommending Jimmy to all my friends in the future

Oisín O'Concheanainn | 29 Mar 2023
Great lessons got through them very fast and learnt everything I had to learn very easily with Jimmy passed on the first go because of that great service definitely would recommend

Marcus | 26 Mar 2023
Jimmy is the best driving instructor in Galway. Thank you so much for your help and endless support in getting my licence. With your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank you for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness. in every lesson I learned something new about driving. The prices for the lessons are very reasonable compared to other driving instructors which shows his kind understanding and honesty he has for his clients. I highly recommend anyone looking to drive to go to Jimmy!

Abel Sunny | 18 Feb 2023
One of the kindest man i have seen in galway city. I never saw him loosing his temper while teaching. No matter how bad mistake you made, this man ll correct you with his kind words and cool temper. I highly recommend him and wish him all the best.

Vaibhav | 06 Feb 2023
I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to complete their driving lessons. Jimmy was very patient with me and always explained things in a way that was very easy to understand. Jimmy worked at my pace which made me feel safe behind the wheel. We had a great laugh during the lessons and I always looked forward to the next one. I wouldn't have been able to pass my test if it wasn't for him. Thank you Jimmy!

Chloe McDermott | 31 Jan 2023
Jimmy is the best in the business! I was nervous even thinking about driving, but Jimmy put me at ease right away. He is very patience and encouraging. He goes through everything in detail and is very clear and precise. He will get you on the road in no time!

Dearbhla Canty | 12 Jan 2023
Jimmy was the best driving stricter you could ask for!! He is very patience and gives you loads of confidence. He is a very experienced teacher. Would highly recommend!!

Lauren Kirwan | 06 JAN 2023
I did all my lessons with jimmy, I was so nervous starting off but he instantly calmed my nerves. He was a great teacher and the lessons were always fun, I always looked forward to them every week. I'd highly recommend doing all your lessons with him !

Alannah | 23 Dec 2022
Jimmy is a great driving instructor. He is very patient and encouraging and would be great for anyone who is nervous about learning to drive. He is also great craic, our lessons were always fun and I looked forward to them each week. He’s a great teacher and is great at calming your nerves about the driving test. I would highly recommend!

Dervla | 20 Dec 2022
I Would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to do their lessons , jimmy is a friendly, talkative, humorous and easy going man, I passed my test today first time around, using all the tips, tricks and information Jimmy gave me. I did 6 (2 hour) lessons during the summer and a 1 hour lesson right before my driving test with jimmy and he helped me so much to have confidence in my driving, I will be recommending him to all family and friends looking to get driving lesson, If its fun and a relaxed lesson you need,Jimmy's your man Thanks Jimmy.

Cathal Ó Tuairisg | 10 Nov 2022
I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone who is learning to drive. He is extremely patient, supportive and encouraging. I couldn't recommend anyone else.

Caoimhe Costello | 28 Oct 2022
Great instructor and a fantastic car. Better than any other driving school I’ve tried!

Natan Trosman | 12 Oct 2022
Jimmy was an amazing driving instructor! Extremely patient, supportive and friendly :) I always looked forward to my lessons every week. He is 100% the reason I passed my test the first time. Couldn't recommend a better man for the job.

Hazel Sturton | 01 Sep 2022
Jimmy is a really wonderful instructor! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! He is extremely patient and easygoing, supportive and encouraging. Jimmy has a great teaching style and the ability to help you work through the nerves and stress and pass your driving test. Although I did not start off learning to drive with Jimmy, I really owe passing my test to the lessons I took with him! Thanks a million Jimmy!

Fiona | 27 Jun 2022
A massive thank you to Jimmy for helping me pass my driving test! There was never a dull day completing my driving lessons with Jimmy, it’s like driving around with your best friend. He is by far one of the best instructors in Galway. He always made me feel comfortable and confident in the car, and had a great sense of humour if anything didn’t go to plan :) I would highly recommend taking lessons with Jimmy as you’re guaranteed to have a very enjoyable experience.

Eileen Cullen | 09 Jun 2022
Having never sat behind the wheel before I met Jimmy, he gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pass my test the first time around. Each lesson was suited to my ability, and I always came away with practical and achievable advice. Although I anticipated that learning to drive would be a stressful experience, with his encouragement and sense of humour, Jimmy made it thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn't recommend him enough!

Mairéad Fallon | 08 Jun 2022
Jimmy is the best driving instructor I’ve ever had, so calm and makes every lesson fun! He never put a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t able to pass even when I taught I would do terrible! Passed first time I’ve no hesitation on recommending Jimmy to anyone! Lovely character and brilliant teacher I’ll miss not being able to do lessons with him again! Thank you for everything

Benjamin O Carroll | 07 Jun 2022
I did lessons with Jimmy, found him very easy going and took all my mistakes in his stride. Jimmy was a great knowledgeable instructor with a lot of patience. Did the test using Jimmys car and passed. Would recommend him to all.

dave | 07 Jun 2022
Driving with a Jimmy is like driving with your best friend. Jimmy is an incredible instructor who is kind and patient and encouraging to no end. There’s no one I would rather learn to drive with. I cannot recommend Jimmy enough as an instructor. He makes learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience. Even when I had bad days (and everyone does) he kept me laughing and driving.

Emma Ní Chatháin | 17 Apr 2022
Jimmy is an excellent instructor, effortlessly put me at ease with each lesson and was able to give constructive feedback throughout, as well as very entertaining conversation. I can't recommend him enough.

Billy Stewart | 02 Mar 2022
Jimmy truely is the best driving instructor ever! He always made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel which made me very confident driving and was never nervous getting into the car. Not only was his teaching perfection but we also had a laugh in every lesson which made me look forward to our lessons even more. I can't recommend Jimmy enough, he is so trustworthy and has become a great friend of mine and to my family after helping my mom and I past our tests! I can't thank him enough.

Emma Mullally | 28 Feb 2022
Jimmy is a gent - very thorough and very helpful during my lessons. Thanks for all your help! I'd have no hesitation recommending Jimmy to anyone I know.

Ali | 16 Feb 2022
Would thoroughly recommend Jimmy, a very patient and helpful instructor.

Dinny Ó hÉallaithe | 02 Feb 2022
I could not recommend Jimmy for driving lessons more. From the start, he makes sure its a comfortable environment to learn in with the addition of a laugh and a bit of craic in every lesson. I had Jimmy for both my 12 EDT lessons and pre-test lessons, and managed to pass my test first time with no car of my own to practice on outside of lessons. I can't thank him enough!

Bronagh | 26 Jan 2022
I would 100% recommend Jimmy for driving lessons. He made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, he was very calm and never gave out when I made mistakes. I really enjoyed the lessons as we always had a laugh together.

Ruth Cox | 19 Jan 2022
I highly recommend Jimmy, he has outstanding knowledge and patience. If you are any way nervous he will put you at ease and lessons are enjoyable. I feel confident driving and passed my test first time, thank you Jimmy!

Dearbhla | 17 Jan 2022
I Would 100% recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to pass their drivers test. I enjoyed every lesson and he really helped me boost my confidence in driving and pass my test the first time.

Grace O'Donnel | 21 Dec 2021
I couldn’t recommend Jimmy enough for lessons. Gives a brilliant understanding of everything related to the car making it easy to learn. The lessons are something to look forward to as they are always relaxed and enjoyable. No1 for a reason!

Orla Geoghegan | 19 Dec 2021
I couldn’t recommend Jimmy enough for lessons. Gives a brilliant understanding of everything related to the car making it easy to learn. The lessons are something to look forward to as they are always relaxed and enjoyable. No1 for a reason!

Orla Geoghegan | 19 Dec 2021
Highly recommend, jimmy is a top man he is one the nicest I have met. There is no doubt he will have you ready for your test and pass it with flying colours. He isn't like most instructors grumpy and shouting or makes ya nervous. Jimmy makes you comfortable behind the wheel and if you make a mistake he takes the piss out of ya with humour which goes a long way. Top quality service, advice and price. I passed my test the first go all thanks to Jimmy.

Laurence Maloney | 02 Dec 2021
Where to start! Jimmy is a wonderful instructor and offers feedback every step of the way and really puts your mind at ease. Always great banter to be had and he has great patience, which may have at times been needed. Highly recommend to my colleagues (we should discuss a refer a friend discount ) and to anyone looking to pass their driver test!

Sinead | 24 Nov 2021
Have to say, from lesson 1 everything just felt so easy working with Jimmy. Lessons are extremely enjoyable, the man is an absolute delight! Would highly recommend him to anybody who’s starting to learn to drive! Going to miss my chats with the man!

Seán Devers | 15 Nov 2021
I would recommend Jimmy Conlon as an instructor for beginners as he is very helpful to new drivers and shows excellent techniques to help improve your driving skills and is always available for lessons

Eoghan O Fatharta | 10 Nov 2021
Just passed my tests after learning how to drive with Jimmy. He was a brilliant and patient instructor and i've already recommended him to so many of my friends! He's so friendly and kind, and as daunting as driving was at the start he made it easygoing and enjoyable. If youre looking for driving lessons around Galway then Jimmy is definitely a great place to do so.

Emma Hartigan | 03 Nov 2021
I learned all my essential driving tips from Jimmy and he taught everything in a way that was easy to understand and more importantly, easy to remember. I couldn't have gotten my licence without him, thank you Jimmy!

Glenn | 01 Oct 2021
I passed my driving test on the first go and I have Jimmy to owe for that ! Very patient, and fun, and understanding. I not only passed the test but I also feel I've become a better driver thanks to him ! Thank you so much Jimmy ! I'll miss the lessons !

Maria | 26 Sep 2021
I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone who wants to drive. He brought me through a step by step process over the lessons and helped me pass first time. Driving with Jimmy made me less nervous and it helped quite a bit. We had good craic during the lessons and I thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. Thanks Jimmy.

Frankie Mc Hugh | 21 Sep 2021
Enjoyed every lesson with Jimmy in an incredibly supportive and enjoyable environment. Very accommodating and patient too! Was able to learn the rules of the road and good driving habits in a way that they stayed with me and got me through the test first time.

Becky Ni Eallaithe | 01 Sep 2021
Would highly recommend no1schoolofmotoring to anyone beginning to drive. Top class lessons and a great car to learn in. When your finished with Jimmy you’re 110% ready for your test.

Nicky Pfeiffer | 27 Aug 2021
Jimmy - The patience of a saint, and one of the funniest people I've met. I, once a very nervous driver, passed first time with the help of Jimmy. He is completely professional, an expert at his job and you don't realise how much you're learning with him as he makes it so fun and enjoyable until the day of the test. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone for lessons.

Mairéad | 09 Aug 2021
Since I started driving with Jimmy, I felt nothing but my comfort, confidence and skills in driving improve immensely. From day one, it was clear Jimmy was the best you will find in the business, from him being not only nice but also making the lessons fun and enjoyable, taking the nerves and anxiety away from the entire learning experience. I’m glad to say I passed the first time solely thanks to Jimmy’s advice, support and confidence in me.

Aine | 27 Jul 2021
Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Jimmy, He's friendly, patient and always makes you feel comfortable and confident on the road. I highly recommend Jimmy to anyone starting out or looking to improve their driving. Passed my test last week, couldn't be happier with my experience.

Niamh Ni Fhlatharta | 09 Jun 2021
I done my lessons with Jimmy and was beyond satisfied with his level of expertise. Jimmy took me from a beginner driver all the way to being able to pass my test first time. We had plenty of craic along the way and was never a dull moment. Overall it was a great experience learning from Jimmy and I would recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to get their test out of the way first time of asking!!

Robbie | 08 May 2021
Just passed my test, after completing 12 lessons with Jimmy. Could not recommend him enough. He's super patient and made the lessons fun.

Rachel Minogue | 26 MAR 2021
Jimmy is a fantastic instructor & I would recommend him to anyone! Jimmy successfully teaches you the rules of the road and how to be a safe and various driver in a fun and enjoyable manner. Thank you Jimmy :)

Nicole Murray | 08 MAR 2021
I heard of Jimmy from a good mate and after my first lesson, I knew I had found the right instructor! Jimmy is a consummate gentleman, professional in every way and kept me on the straight and narrow. He made sure I didn't develop any bad habits and oh my, I tried! We arranged a few double lessons and a few mock tests which were invaluable in my preparations for the real test and I am delighted to report, I passed today! (first attempt) I have no hesitation in recommending Jimmy for your EDT sessions. Thanks a million, Jimmy, you are a star!

Chris Loughnane | 17 Nov 2020
Jimmy is an absolute legend, he makes you feel confident behind the wheel. During the lessons you have a bit of banter with class A instruction. Passed the test with flying colours on the first attempt, couldn't thank him enough for all his help. Highly recommended, no need to look any further than here. Thanks again for everything Jimmy.

Brian Heneghan | 17 Nov 2020
Jimmy is one of the best instructors out there,, great teaching method and calm manner that instills confidence 'passed on my first test' never thought I'd get there' but after a few double lessons with Jimmy I did, 5 stars :)

Laura | 30 Oct 2020
If you're looking for driving lessons in Galway, Jimmy is your man! He is absolutely brilliant. Not only is he a great instructor but he also is such a lovely person and makes the lessons feel very relaxed! Thanks for all of your help Jimmy!

Áine Mellin | 08 Sep 2020
Absolutely brilliant instructor so easy going and patient. Jimmy makes you feel so relaxed and confident when driving and the lessons were so so enjoyable and great craic. Passed the test first time. Would highly recommend!! Thanks Jimmy :))

Blanca | 29 Sep 2020
Learning to drive and in my case ‘eventually’ plucking up the courage to sit my driving test can be the most nerve-racking experience of your life. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Jimmy I would never have gotten from day one of never having driven a car to the day that I’m now a proud owner of my full driver’s licence. His patience, kindness, understanding and overall expertise brought me from a shaking nervous wreck to becoming a confident driver and passing first time was an extra bonus! His support and level of teaching at every stage was beyond amazing. And not forgetting the many many laughs and endless craic we had on our journey along the way. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whatever stage you’re at, be it a complete novice to a driver who needs to get rid of bad habits Jimmy Conlon is your only man.

Gráinne Ní Chonghaile | 12 Sep 2020
Not only is Jimmy a brilliant driving instructor ,the lessons were so enjoyable and I always felt at ease ! Couldn’t recommend him enough !!

Anna Smyth | 24 Aug 2020
Where do I even start!! Jimmy is nothing but the greatest instructor you could have. He’s patient, funny and of course the perfect teacher of driving and road safety. No matter how nervous and new you are in regards to driving your confidence won’t be long shooting up with Jimmy helping you as he puts you at ease with his easy going and fun personality. And as someone else mentioned in these reviews, his sayings and instructions are still stuck in my head! Thank you Jimmy for everything!!

Paul Griffin | 13 Aug 2020
Couldn’t recommend Jimmy enough! He was so helpful, encouraging and easy going.

Sally Minogue | 09 Aug 2020
If carlsberg could do driving instructors ....... need I say any more...! I was very anxious and nervous about driving. Jimmy was the perfect driving instructor for me. He put me at ease straight away with his friendly and funny manner. He quickly identified what type of learner I was and got me driving without overloading me with the technical information of driving . Even now I have Jimmy’s sayings and advice in my head when I am driving. He is an excellent teacher and instructor and has the patience of a saint !! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jimmy no matter what stage of driving you are at. I sincerely want to THANK YOU Jimmy for giving me my independence and getting me on the road. #no1drivinginstructor

Karen Moriarty | 20 Jan 2020
I came to Jimmy after failing my test two years ago with a different instructor in Dublin. I hadn't properly driven since then and had picked up bad habits. Jimmy instructed me to apply for a test date after my first lesson with him. In the six weeks that I did lessons with him I improved immensely and passed for the first time in Galway. He is an excellent instructor and would highly recommend.

Ellen Murray | 04 Dec 19
Passed my test fist go, cannot ask for any more then that!! On top of that Jimmy is friendly patient and professional. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Conor Daly | 04 Noc 19
The first day of lessons I was very nervous. I had picked up many bad habits over the years. Within a few minutes of meeting Jimmy who is a gentleman, I was at ease. He was very patient & encouraging and gave me the confidence to keep going even when I made mistakes. He made it a really positive experience. I went on to do my test last week which I felt fully prepared for thanks to Jimmy. I passed 1st time. A big thank you to No 1. School of motoring.

Therese | 03 Nov 19
I highly reccomend Jimmy. He is an excellent instructor and very friendly. You feel relaxed driving with him, especially if you are the first time driver. I have passed from my driving est from the first trial from Jimmy's hard work.

Mustafa Ali | 03 Nov 19
Went for a full driving assessment ahead of a job interview which required advanced drivers. Jimmy assessed my driving, gave me afew tips and pointers on what to work on and I got the job. I'm certain that without Jimmy's expertise, I wouldn't have got it. Could not recommend more!!

Colin Kelly | 30 Sep 19
Jimmy is absolutely fantastic. I have recommened him to so many of my friends since passing my test. He definitely knows his stuff and if you are at all nervous about starting out I think he's the only man for the job. Genuinely makes you feel like a friend of his which makes learning how to drive fun! Five stars Jimmy! Thank you

Cliodhna Hartigan | 08 Sep 19
I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Jimmy. He truly is a fantastic teacher. I learned something new with every lesson. His years of experience mean that he knows everything driving related like the back of his hand. His explanations and instructions are easy to follow. He's also a kind, genuine man who knows how to make a joke and make a person feel at ease. I enjoyed our lessons and the whole experience of learning to drive. And it is him that I have to thank for helping me pass my test. Over the course of a few months I was test ready and I now feel confident behind the wheel. If I had to learn again I'd learn with Jimmy.

Shane Callinan | 28 Aug 19
I passed my test first go on the 15th of August and I definitely could not have done it without Jimmy’s help and guidance. Not only has he a brilliant sense of humor and makes driving lessons fun, he takes you out of your comfort zone which is important when driving. Jimmy always has words of encouragement to help with the nerves and I definitely had a lot of nerves throughout my lessons. I was well prepared for my driving test as Jimmy talked me through the test routes and went over aspects of the test to ensure I was confident in my knowledge going in to the test. I’d recommend Jimmy to absolutely anybody who is looking for driving lessons, he has a lot of experience as an instructor and it stands to him through his work.

Natalie Ward | 16 Aug 19
Jimmy is the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Was referred by a friend. Lessons were relaxed and never rushed, builds your confidence v fast and you progress at a good pace. I did 7 lessons with him and passed my test 1st time. Couldn't have done it without him. THANK YOU JIMMY!

Garreth Smith | 06 Mar 19
I did my pre-test lessons with Jimmy and passed my test today! He is an excellent teacher and I was well prepared for any possible route I had to do thanks to him. Jimmy gave me so much confidence over only 2 weeks and he was there for a much needed chat both directly before and after the test. I couldn’t have done it without him, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!

Laura | 16 Jan 19
Jimmy is an excellent teacher, very patient, thorough and relaxed. I was very nervous when I start driving and had very little confidence that I could learn. I had tried classes with other instructors but had made no progress. However after a set of classes with Jimmy I could see that my driving was improving steadily - his calm approach really works! In the end, I managed to pass my test on the first attempt. Thank you Jimmy!

Nuala | 14 Jan 19
Very easy to learn from Jimmy.You learn quick and fast. Great experience, would highly recommend No 1 School of Motoring

Gearoid Duggan | 12 Jan 19
I completed my 12 lessons with Jimmy and passed my test on my first attempt. I learned quickly from Jimmy’s clear instructions and my driving improved rapidly. Overall I was very happy with the service I received.

Chris Collins | 11 Jan 19
I did all of my lessons with jim and passed my test first time thanks to jim. Great instructor! Made me feel so comfortable driving! Learned alot from him. He made learning to drive enjoyable! Great laughs with this man! Thanks a million Jim!

Noel Griffin | 10 Jan 19
I began my lessons with a different instructor and continued with him until the exam, which I did not pass. It was at the suggestion of a friend that I give Jimmy a try for my next exam. That was the best advice I have ever been given. Jimmy has a very calming demeanour and has some great techniques for anxious or unsure drivers, he quickly corrects bad habits, laughter being his most successful tool. I firmly believe without Jimmys advice, support and confidence in my driving ability, I wouldn't have been as relaxed as I was in my next exam. Jimmy has a keen perception on how identify to solve physical and mental barriers, making him a perfect instructor for anyone looking to improve their driving or anyone looking to go into an exam with confidence that you've had the best possible driving education and advice. After only a few lessons with Jimmy I passed my next exam, first time. Wish I'd come to him first! God Bless! Thank You Jimmy!

Brianna Williams | 19 Feb 18
Jimmy helped me pass the test after previously failing it, he was a brilliant teacher and he really improved my confidence behind the wheel, Would 100% recommend him!

Daire Davoren | 07 Feb 18
Jimmy was an excellent driving instructor, he made sure I was really well prepared going in for my test. I would happily recommend Jimmy to others!

Fiona | 16 JAN 18
Jimmy is great! A really good teacher and is patient, friendly and fun. I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone needing to get lessons.

Eoghan McDonagh | 14 Dec 17
one of the best instructors in Galway, i just passed my test today because of him!!!!

Gordon Macula | 11 Oct 17
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jimmy for the lessons i got with him. Great driving instructor always made me feel comfortable and safe while driving. So happy so happy to have passed my test :)

Thomas Hepworth | 5 Sep 17
I started to take lessons with Jimmy one month before my driving test. Jimmy was an excellent instructor. I had taken lessons before and found them very stressful, but Jimmy made the lessons fun and really put me at ease.

Kate G | 07 May 17
Could not find a better man for the job! Jimmy made the lessons very enjoyable and comfortable (handy for us nervous drivers!). He is the reason I passed my test FIRST TIME and was the only one who had faith I could do it! I could not recommend highly enough, in fact he is the only person I've recommended to all of my friends and family. Jimmy is certainly the guy for the job!

Meghan Davoren | 01 Feb 17
jimmy has an absolutely great way of teaching, really helpful and friendly and made the experience a lot easier!

Claire Guinane | 30 Jan 17
Jimmy was an excellent driving instructor. He made learning to drive fun and helped me get over my nerves. I always enjoyed our lessons and I feel very comfortable with driving now. Thanks Jimmy!

Kitty O'Sullivan | 13 Oct 15
Jimmy has an excellent way of teaching...the lesson are really thorough and great Craic:) Very reasonable too! I highly recommend him.

Amanda McGettigan | 19 Mar 14
I would recommend this man to anyone, and have done so at every opportunity! If he can teach an anxious driver like me, he can teach anyone!! He is a wonderful instructor - friendly, funny, encouraging and patient. Passed with no marks on my test sheet! What more could you ask for? Thank you so much! :)

Kathleen Clancy | 27 Jan 14
I really enjoyed my lessons with Jimmy as he's a friendly guy whose good fun to be around with. He's a great instructor and so I've learned a lot from him. I wouldn't have passed my test without him!

Ronan Burke | 16 Jan 14
Had never sat behind the wheel before my lessons with Jimmy but he puts you at ease straight away. His tuition gave me a lot of confidence on the road and you'll quickly overcome any obstacle with his advice. His preparation for the test, both theory and practical, are excellent so nothing surprises you on the day. Jimmy himself is great craic and even two hour lessons fly by with him in the car.

Padraic O Ciardha | 14 Jan 14
Words cant describe how good Jimmy is at getting you ready for the test. He was just amazing at teaching you everything you need to know. Hes so calm and you never feel nervous driving around even when your starting off. I looked forward to every lesson because not only was I learning but I had the craic too. I couldnt recommend him enough to everyone. I was only driving for a few months and after his lessons I passed my test on the first go. Hes a great driving instructor.

Catherine O' Flaherty | 13 Jul 13
Jimmy is a lovely guy who takes the nerves out of learning to drive. He provided me with the skills I needed to pass the test and more importantly the confidence to know I could do it. I would not hesitate recommending him.

James Gaffey | 17 Apr 13
I found jimmy ta be a great instructor.with a bit of craic he keeps ya at ease gets the best out of people .me ,my brother and my sister all did lessons with jimmy and we all passed first time no bother.clearly the results don't lie and shows hes the best out there..thanks jimmy

Ronan Mc Donagh | 05 Apr 13
Jimmy is a scholar & a gent, great craic and an excellent teacher. Lessons were always good craic and learned everything I needed to know. Passed my test first time not a bother, thanks to Jimmy and his great prep. Would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone !

Kieran Conneely | 22 Feb 13
Jimmy is the man, got a few pre test lesson's off him and passed first time. He's mad craic too :D

Keelan Naughton | 19 Dec 12
Jimmy is absolutely the best teacher. You have so much fun with him that you dont even realise how much you have learnt until you pass your test. Thanks Jimmy couldn't have done it without you!

Cara O'Brien | 19 Dec 12
Jimmy was a great instructor. He has great patience which, along with a good sense of humour made the lessons as stress free as possible. Passed first time!!

Sarah Dillon | 10 Dec 12
Jimmy is a very very good instructor, he is a sound man and makes driving easy to learn from day one. I passed my test first time after booking it and getting a timeline of just 5 weeks to get lessons and learn ta drive. Only for jimmy's great work and for the way he makes u confident i would have never got it. I highly recommend jimmy and will be send friends and family jimmys way for lesson. Thanks jimmy.

Shane Mac Donnacha | 22 Oct 12
Jimmy is a star! If a bag of nerves like me can learn to drive and pass their test, anyone can! I dont think there is another instructer out there who would have made me feel so confident and at ease while driving. Jimmy is such a funny, lovely man and is no.1 in what he does! He was reccommended to me through a friend I will continue to reccomend him to mine. Thanks Jimmy!

Ciara O' Toole | 31 Aug 12
Jimmy is a very good instructor and very easy going, though me to drive very quickly, i am a forinor and it was no problem for jimmy to work around and i would recommend jimmy to everyone learning to drive or wants to pass there driving test.Thanks Jimmy

magda evans | 04 Jul 12
Excellent instructor. Jimmy puts you at ease from the minute you start driving - I was always looking forward to my next lesson with him. Passed my test without any problems!

Cathal Cuiman | 28 May 12
Such a great instructor. He created a relaxed, easy, environment to learn in, which made the whole process easier. It was fun and enjoyable!Thanks Jimmy

Neasa Mullen | 22 May 12
Jimmy is an absolute Gent!! Had the best craic with him and really enjoyed my lessons. Learned so much so quickly and passed 1st time!!! Highly recommend him to anybody!!!

Caroline Giles | 14 May 12
Very good instructor.Passed my test the first time.Would highly recommend him.

Darryn Curran | 11 Apr 12
Really enjoyed learning to drive with Jimmy as my instructor - and passed my test first time! Thanks Jimmy for all the help!

Michelle Ryan | 10 Apr 12
Found Jimmy to be very helpful in getting rid of my bad habbits and also i passed first time. thanks Jimmy!

Eoin Folan | 13 Mar 12
Great instructor, gave very helpful tips and helped me relax, thanks very much :) Highly recommend Jimmy the Dub :)

l rafter | 06 Mar 12
Had a great time learning to drive.. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor.. Passed 1st time.. Thanks Jimmy

Jason Mc Mullan | 08 Feb 12
Jimmy is a brilliant driving instructor, he is very professional in his approach yet he can still have a laugh. I passed my test on the first try so I was very pleased.

Sarah Egan | 27 Jan 12
Jimmy is a great driving instructor, he's very easy going and the lessons were always good craic. I wouldn't be nearly as confident driving now without his lessons. Highly recommened!

Stephen Lenihan | 22 Jan 12
Just passed my test this morning, 1st time! Jimmy is a great instructor and I wouldn't be such a confident driver if not for him. He's so easy going that the lessons were good craic and yet I always learnt loads. Thanks a million Jimmy!!

Cianna O'Brien | 09 Jan 12
Great instructor, not only were the lessons good fun, but they also taught me to drive competently. Thanks Jimmy!

Cathal O Cuimin | 01 Dec 11
Jimmy was recomended to me by a few friends that had passed first time with him, I was 5 months pregnant when i started my lessons with him so was very nervous and desperate to pass, Jimmy was so easy to learn with and every lesson was fun and informative, He is so easy to deal with and i always felt relaxed and safe on our lessons. I passed first time!!!!!! I cant thank Jimmy enough, Great instructor, and very reasonable rates. Top class. Thanks again Jimmy!!!!

Daniele Selbach | 03 Nov 11
My first lesson with Jimmy i told him i needed a miracle worker...and thats exactly what I got!! He made everything so fun and easy to learn. Thanks Jimmy!!!

Aoife O'Hart | 27 Oct 11
Jimmy is the perfect man for the job. He makes the lessons comfortable and he himself is easy to get along with. Go raibh maith agat Jimmy

Antoine Ó Flatharta | 22 Oct 11
I found Jimmy very easy to talk to and easy to get on with

Mike McDonagh | 03 Oct 11
Jimmy is the man if you want to pass your exam! He's a gentleman and knows the test inside out. The lessons are fun and enjoyable. You'll never go wrong with Jimmy's excellent lessons.

Harriz Abd Wahab | 20 Sep 11
Such a great teacher! Made driving lessons so enjoyable and panic free! Very resonable too! Brilliant!! :-)

Meadhbh Ní Scanláin | 18 Aug 11
a sound and patient instructor,thanks jimmy!

brian mac gabhann | 15 Aug 11
Great instructor! Very professional and experienced. Learned a lot from him and passed the test! Many thanks!

Liu leo | 09 Aug 11
Brillant instructor and very easy to learn from. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive

Niall Acton | 09 Aug 11
Jimmy is a great driving instructor. Taught me to drive confidently and fully prepared me for the test. He made the whole experience fun and instilled confidence in me to successfully pass the test after a mere four weeks of driving. Jimmy is an absolute gent and I’d highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Bridget Lynam | 31 Jul 11
Jimmy is the no.1 driving instructor. He's really down to earth and easy to get on with. We had some laughs. Thanks again Jimmy, couldn't do it without you.

Darina Mc Donagh | 27 Jun 11
Found Jimmy to be a great instructor he had great confidence that I would pass my test and I did.I would recommend him to other people he makes driving fun but safe thanks Jimmy.

Una Grealish | 22 Jun 11
Passed first time! Jimmy is a brilliant instructor. Extremely helpful and patient, his lessons are very enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone.

Nick Synnott | 14 Jun 11
Very good instructor easy to get on with would highly recommend him.

Kevin o Toole | 07 Jun 11
Excellent Instructor,lessons were a lot of fun.I passed thanks to Jimmy's help.

Ginine Power | 05 May 11
Go raibh míle maith agat as na ceachtanna: bhí mé an-sásta go deo gur éirigh liom sa teist ar an gcad iarracht.

Sara . | 29 Apr 11
Brilliant instructor, lessons were always a laugh and learned to drive really quick, would highly recomend Jimmy for anyone wanting to learn to drive in a completely stress-free way!

Aoife Ni Dhomhnaill | 20 Apr 11
Jimmy is the man to get for anyone looking to learn how to drive competently and pass their test. An absolute top bloke with a lovely manner and an excellent teaching style. No need to be nervous or dreading lessons with this man, just get him.

Brian O' Hara | 05 Apr 11
Jimmy-what a refreshing driving instructor . It was a pleasure to learn to drive with such a man of incredible patience. . Jimmy has the rare talent of listening and motivating the individual . So whether you are a first time driver or resitting the driving test ; just go for it with Jimmy at the no.1 school of motoring. You will pass with flying colours!! kind regards, Aisling Moore-Tourni

Aisling Moore-Tourni | 29 Mar 11
Would recommend him anytime. He knows what he is really doing. Go Jimmy.

Fitri Idris | 23 Jun 11
Teagascir den scoth  Jimmy. Iontach foighneach agus tacúil. Duine cinnealta is greannmhar ann. Molaim daoibh ceachtanna a dhéanamh leis agus mholfainn do chách Jimmy a roghnú mar múinteir tiomana fosta.

Batsheva Battu | 23 Jun 11
I loved Jimmy. passed my test, no worries. would recommend him to everyone.

Susie Murray | 08 Feb 11
Absolutely flawless teacher - passed my test first time with minimum marks against me. Couldn't recommend Jimmy more!

Maitiú Cummins | 25 Jan 11
Jimmy was sound. passed first go. He's very understanding and that makes things easier. He makes lessons fun so it gives you more confident. Thanks again Jimmy.

Thomas Conneely | 04 Jan 11
Jimmy is a brilliant instructor, we blitzed the test in around 4 weeks and passed first time. I cant thank him enough. Contact Jimmy and you'll be driving in no time!

Eamonn McManus | 22 Dec 10
Jimmy was an absolute star, had great fun on my 5 lessons! made a few mistakes, having a laugh with Jimmy made them easier to bare!!!! Top man, and thanks again!

Scott Fitzgerald | 12 Oct 10
Brilliant instructor, very patient and professional, who really likes and is good at his job. Lessons Twere great fun too, which makes the learning a lot easier! Highly recommended.

Olivia Kelly | 06 Oct 10
Jimmy is a brilliant driving instructor. He makes you feel at ease, instils confidence and gives great advice. I enjoyed all of the lessons I had with him, his lessons were always great fun too :) I highly recommend him for anyone! He gave me the confidence I needed to pass the first time!

Mary Delaney | 23 Sep 10
Great instructor makes you feel at ease from the moment you sit into the car. He made me believe in my driving ability. He is so patient and unlike some driving instructors he really enjoys his job and really wants you to achieve from the minute you sit into the car. I would highly recommend Jimmy.

Siobhan Mullen | 20 Aug 10
IIs mointeoir den choad scoth o Jimmy. Bhain mo taitneamh as chuile cheacht agus mholfhainn go h-ard an fear cairdioil, greannmhar agus cabhrach seo! Jimmy is a first class teacher. I enjoyed every single lesson and would highly recommend this friendly, funny and helpful man!

Maitiu Cummins | 20 Aug 10
Always looked forward to my lessons with Jimmy, a great teacher who sure knows his stuff! Thanks again Jimmy!

Eoghan Cannon | 17 Aug 10
Jimmy is a natural teacher. He instills confidence in you from the start which is needed in the test! I passed first time thanks to Jimmy.

Patrick Hilley | 09 Jul 10
I learned to drive and pass my driving test first time within two months. This is all thanks to Jimmy. The way he teaches is brilliant... The lessons were always fun. I highly recomend him.

Kathy O Neill | 07 Jun 10
Jimmy is an excellent instructor. Very patient and has a very friendly and funny personality. I passed my test first time thanks to him. Thanks again. Jimmy's the best!

Aisling Curran | 23 May 10
Jimmy is an excellent instructor who gave me the confidence and ability to pass my test. Dont look anywhere else as he is the best instructor in Galway without a doubt! Thanks Jimmy!!!!

Darras Jones | 08 May 10
Jimmy is an excellent instructor, patient and corrects your mistakes in a nice way!! Passed first time thanks to him.

Jessica O' Malley | 28 Mar 10
Perfect teacher for all those nervous drivers & those who say ill never be able to drive!! Lessons are very relaxed&fun! your driving away before you know it! Thanks Jimmy!!

Loretta Masterson | 25 Mar 10
I found jimmy to be an excellent instructor and a great laugh.I felt at ease with his teaching straight away and hence learned to drive quickly AND passed my test the first time round. thanks again jimmy (don't forget the pints!)

Geoff Nordell | 15 Mar 10
Jimmy is friendly, a great laugh, but above all is a great teacher! You can tell straight off he's got a wealth of experience, and he knows the test routes so you get plenty of practise on them. If everyone got lessons from instructors like Jimmy, the roads would be a lot safer!

Christine Hanley | 26 Feb 10
Jimmy is an absolute gentleman. Very obvious that he loves what he does and he is excellent at his job as a result.I passed yesterday and I completely think that it's down to Jimmy's great tutoring and constant patience with me.Very professional but not one bit boring,a cut above the rest! Thank you!

Katie Burke | 29 Jan 10
Jimmy is an excellent instructor, I would highly recommend him. I passed my test in a short time with his tutoring!!

Lorna Walsh | 05 Feb 10
Very good instructor. Jimmy is very friendly, explains things really well and I felt very confident and well prepared going in for my test. I passed!!

Lorna Dillion | 27 Jan 10
I never would have passed my test without Jimmy's help! A great instructor with a great personality! I passed first time after only a couple of months driving. I would highly recommend Jimmy and no1 School of Motoring!

Frances Ryan | 29 Dec 09
Driving lessons were always really fun and learned how to drive no problem thanks to Jimmy... I'd highly recommend him to anyone! > Brilliant teacher and great craic

Roisin Ni Chiardha | 20 Dec 09
I think Jimmy is a brilliant instructor and I've tried a few! I was extremly nervous of driving and thought I'd never be able to do it. I am now driving away thanks to his excellent tutoring.

Tara McKevitt | 02 Oct 09
Passed first time thanks to Jimmys help, hes the man Thanks Jimmy

Nathan Forde | 04 Sep 09
Absolutely brilliant instructor! I went from nervous first time driver to passing my test in under 3 months. Jimmy has the experience and approach necessary for you to pass your test, first time. I Highly reccommend him!

Darren Stephenson | 31 Aug 09
Great instructor. The lessons were fun and easy. Passed the test first time thanks to him.

Colm O Cuiv | 01 Jun 09

Siobhan O Toole | 24 Apr 09
made learning to drive enjoyable. brilliant guidance. passed test first time with ease!

Jenny G | 16 Apr 09
brilliant instructor, he taught me in only a few lessons. he makes lessons more relaxed

Shane | 23 Apr 09
Great Passed first time thanks to Jimmy. Very thorough and reliable.

Judith O Connell | 17 Mar 09
I'd highly recommend Jimmy. Fun & friendly lessons. Passed first time after few months driving.

Fionnuala Ryan | 17 Mar 09
Jimmy is the best. He makes all lessons fun. Passed test after only 3 months driving!!

Paula Sheanon | 03 Mar 09
Driving test is easy with jimmy on your side. Makes driving stress-free and fun. Great instructor!

Anthony Fitzsimons | 26 Mar 09
Brilliant instructor, lessons were always fun, passed first time!

Gillian Wallace | 24 Feb 09
Very good instructor...makes driving fun!

Joanne Mc Guirk | 24 Feb 09
kicked all my bad habits,great personality,I felt relaxed and confident,I passed FIRST TIME!

Aisling Laoire | 23 Feb 09
found his teaching very good great personality he is the no 1

John O Leary | 23 Feb 09
Found Jimmy to b very good and his lessons were great fun.

Amanda Foodey | 06 Dec 06