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A Car for your Driving Test

On the day of your driving test, it’s important that you have a car that is clean, in good condition and you are comfortable driving.

The driving test to many is stressful enough, so driving a good car you are already familiar with will help you to relax and will increase your chances of passing.

I can provide you with a car on the day of your test for €150 (includes one hour pre-test lesson). But if you are using your own car, make sure it is in good working order, is very clean inside and out, and don’t forget to top it up with fuel.

The driving tester has the right to cancel your driving test if your car is not in good working order, so use this check list to ensure that your car is right for the day.

Car checklist before your driving test:

  • Mechanical condition
    Is the car you’ll be using for the test mechanically sound? For example, is the handbrake capable of holding the car on the steepest hill in town?
  • Wiper blades
    Renew if worn.
  • Brake and indicator lights
    Check the indicator lenses are clean and unbroken. If these show a ‘white’ light due to a broken lens, the test will not be conducted.
  • ‘L’ plates
    Attach them front and rear so that they are clearly visible. Place where it will not hamper visibility – tax, insurance and, if applicable, NCT discs should be on the windscreen.
  • Petrol
    Is there enough in the tank?
  • Fluids:
    oil, coolant, brake, power-steering.
  • Check levels.
    In particular, check oil pressure in case of leaks.
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Windscreen washer
    Fill the washer bottle and use a windscreen-washer additive.
  • Interior mirror
    Remove the various paraphernalia such as air fresheners, furry toys, dice and so on –needless distractions, for you and the Driver Tester.
  • Car body
    Clean the car, in particular all windows, both inside and outside.
  • Clean the interior of your car.

Technical knowledge of your car

The examiner will also check your technical knowledge of the car as part of the test. This consists of, “Show me or tell me how you would check three of the following”:

  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Reflectors
  • Indicators
  • Horn
  • Engine oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Windscreen-washer-fluid level
  • Brake-fluid level
  • Power-steering-fluid level

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